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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Here’s a way to capture the moment he or she – hopefully – says ‘Yes’. The ‘Ring Cam’ features a tiny camera inside a ring box that records the proposal.
It is the brainchild of a group of American students who came up with the idea one of their friends was looking for a way to capture their partner’s reaction.
It features a button on top that you press and hold for three seconds to start and stop recording in high-definition video – and ‘superior’ audio.
The creators say: “The Ring Cam uses a wide angle lens so you don’t have to really have to aim the camera.
“We do recommend a practice run.”
Co-creator Sam Tzou said: “Ring Cam captures the moment that only the proposer gets to see – which from our perspective is the most important as that is the moment that the ‘groom-to-be’ will remember for years to come.”
“Compared to the average price couples would have to spend on a secret photographer, not to mention wedding photographers and videographers, our product is very affordable,” he added.
Users can plug the $199.99 USD cam into a computer with a USB cable to watch and download the clips.
The camera can also be rented at a cheaper price at

Pictured: The ring cam and ring in box

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Picture by: Splash News/Ring Cam

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